It’s time to

Fashion for Earth

They say you can have anything you want, if you dress for it.
We want a more sustainable future for the planet.
So what are we waiting for?

Bringing to you once again,
The First Tee With a Conscience.
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Earth Tee 3

Powered by GreenGold

The earth has already thought of our future.
It’s time we reciprocated.
With the fabric of the future.


A soft, breathable, eco-friendly t-shirt from R | Elan™
GreenGold technology.


Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 38%


Saves 1414 litres of water


Created from fabric produced from recycled PET bottles
collected by R | Elan™

The next chapter of

‘Fashion for Earth’ by

R | Elan™

The third edition of #EarthTee is a unique statement on ‘crowd-sourced sustainable fashion’. A new forum, #EarthTeeCanvas Challenge was created to invite crowd-sourced designs inspired by health, well-being and sustainability. The winning entry by Samir Gokhale, was selected out of 21 design entries.

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Imagined for you,

designed by you,

voted by you.

Designed specially for earth-lovers in partnership with R|Elan™ through the #EarthTeeCanvas Challenge, the #EarthTee 3 comes from ‘crowd-sourced inspired designs’.

Voted in by popular choice, this design portrays humanity in pursuit of health, surrounded by elements of nature.

It’s fashion that looks good for the Earth

Wear It, Style it, Gift it, Love it

Born from careful consideration for both man and environment, from the first thread to the final product, the #EarthTee has been designed to comfort every fit and style diverse ensembles. If there’s one wardrobe choice you can make today, make it look good for the earth.

Share your love for the earth with #EarthTee

Join fashion with a conscience.

Style your eco-friendly t-shirt and share your picture with the hashtag #EarthTee on

Learn how to plant your Earth Tee Seed Paper Tag
For queries, write to

Plant your #EarthTee seed tag in 3 simple steps


Sow the plantable tag in a pot of soil.


Water the soil moderately and keep it moist for a few days.


Watch your plant germinate and grow into a new sapling for the planet.

Flashback to EarthTee 2019

Designed in collaboration with Yavi and Lakme Fashion Week, EarthTee 2019 made a huge impact on Indian fashionistas.

Flashback to EarthTee 2018

Designed in collaboration with Anita Dongre and Lakme Fashion Week, EarthTee 2018 won the hearts of Indian fashion leaders.

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